Angular 2 Interview Questions

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Interview Questions on Angular 2

Q1. Explain The Architecture of Angular 2

Ans. Angular 2.0 is a Framework not just a library as like of Angular 1. It has eight main elements in its architecture. Go through this link : Angular 2 Architecture

Q2. What are Modules in Angular 2

Ans. Angular approach is a modular approach. So Angular applications are modular. And its modules are called as Angular Modules or NgModules. Read More…..

Q3. What are Components

Ans. Components are a part of the view which controls a patch of screen. Our Page can made of several components. Read More…..

Q4. What are Templates

Ans. They are the companion of Components. More clearly, it is the component’s view , which tells Angular how to render the component. It is in HTML format with regular HTML tags plus uses Angular’s template syntax (like *ngFor, *ngIf).

It can be defined in the same component file or can be in separate file (for clean coding) with its reference in the component file in the @Component decorator. (Read Components first for better understanding). Read More….

Q5. What do you understand by Metadata in context of Angular 2 Application

Ans. It is the way to tell Angular how to process a class. Read more…

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